Editorial Guidelines for REAlaw.blog

Submissions for the sections “research highlights”, “case notes” and “book reviews”

REALaw.blog welcomes spontaneous submissions of blog posts related to all aspects of European and comparative administrative law. It publishes scholarship on traditional questions of legal interest in the field of European and administrative law, the impact of EU law on national administrative law, comparative administrative law, the interaction between EU and national institutions, and fundamental rights. REALaw.blog aims to provide a friendly forum for interdisciplinary academic engagement on a broad range of issues at the intersection of law and public policy in Europe.

Blog posts pertaining to case law should focus on CJEU and ECHR rulings on European administrative law, as well as on judgments of national courts with particular significance for European and comparative administrative law.


  • Please indicate clearly your name and affiliation(s). A short bio of ca. 150 words and a picture are encouraged.
  • The length of any material should be of approximately 1,000-1,800 words for the rubric “research highlights” and “book reviews”, and ca. 1,000 words for “case notes”. If your contribution is significantly longer than the word counts indicated above, we will consider publishing it as a series of two or three posts. However, you are invited to stay within the word limit to keep the focus of your posts.
  • Please use hyperlinks to relevant materials. No footnotes.
  • Please provide headings whenever possible.
  • Please submit texts written in good English, with a clear and concise structure.
  • Please only submit original work by the contributor.
  • Please do not use language that could be considered offensive, abusive, derogatory, or potentially defamatory.
  • If you want to submit a video showcasing your research, please contact the blog editor beforehand.


  • Please provide a title for your piece, and clearly indicate the section (“research highlights”,”case notes”, or “book reviews”) aimed at for publication.
  • Please summarise the substance of your post in a short initial paragraph.
  • Please do not use abbreviations unless they are of common use.
  • Please separate paragraphs with empty spaces.
  • Please do let us know well in advance if a piece is time-sensitive.


REALaw.blog welcomes reposting of blog posts published on the website. Please provide a clear indication of the blog and a link to the original post. Thank you.

Submission and publication

To submit a post or project for potential publication, please email Dr Yseult Marique (ymarique (at) essex.ac.uk) .

The Blog editorial board endeavours to respond in a timely fashion to queries and submissions.

The blog editors have discretion in determining whether to accept a submission for publication on REALaw.blog or to request corrections, modifications, or changes. Authors should expect to revise their post at least once prior to publication. Publication is not guaranteed. Please return any requested corrections, modifications, or changes promptly.