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Fine-Print Babel, by F Brito Bastos

Concretised comparative law Administrative law, so the saying goes, is concretised constitutional law (Fritz Werner, Verwaltungsrecht als konkretisiertes Verfassungsrecht, 1959). It aims to shape the everyday exercise of public power in the image of essential constitutional principles, such as the rule of law, separation of powers, or fundamental rights. The story of European administrative law…

The role of comparative administrative law in shaping European administrative law – Practitioner’s perspective by Tanja Ehnert

The role of the European Ombudsman is to investigate instances of maladministration in the activities of the EU institutions, bodies, offices and agencies. However, there is no legal definition of ‘maladministration’, neither in the Treaties nor in the Ombudsman’s Statute. Based on what standards or principles does the Ombudsman thus fulfil its role? This contribution…